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Zombie Defence Team throws players into the midst of a global zombie apocalypse where they must lead a team of survivors against waves of undead hordes. This tactical defense game combines strategic planning, resource management, and intense action as players strive to reclaim humanity's last bastions and fend off the relentless zombie threat.

How to Play:

  1. Starting Out: Begin by selecting your team composition and initial base location. Follow the tutorial to learn basic controls, base management, and combat mechanics.

  2. Base Management: Expand your base by constructing additional facilities such as workshops, medical tents, and communication centers. Each facility provides unique benefits that aid in your survival and progression.

  3. Combat Tactics: Plan your defenses carefully before each wave of zombie attacks. Position survivors strategically, assign them roles based on their abilities, and adapt your strategy as the intensity of the attacks increases.

  4. Exploration and Expansion: Explore nearby areas for valuable resources, rescue stranded survivors, and secure new territories to expand your influence and access additional resources.

  5. Community Interaction: Form alliances with other survivor groups or compete for resources in PvP (Player versus Player) modes. Coordinate with allies to defend against larger zombie incursions or engage in strategic alliances for mutual benefit.


Use the mouse.

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