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A new game on is taking the platform by storm, offering a unique blend of horror and bureaucracy. That's Not My Neighbor puts you in the shoes of a doorman in 1955, tasked with a seemingly simple yet chilling objective: identify and prevent doppelgangers from infiltrating your apartment building.

Game author

That's Not My Neighbor game was created by Nacho Sama, a solo game developer.

Nacho Sama has a profile on where they have uploaded That's Not My Neighbor game and several other games, including "Unlikely," "Sofia?" and "Flesh, Blood, & Concrete" This suggests an active presence in the independent game development community.

Game play

In this unsettling world, creatures capable of mimicking humans, known as doppelgangers, pose a constant threat. Your job is to utilize various methods, from checking IDs to scrutinizing details, to discern the real tenants from their impersonators. But be warned, these doppelgangers are clever, and the line between real and fake can blur.

That's Not My Neighbor online combines the thrill of detective work with the unnerving atmosphere of a horror film. The pixelated art style adds a touch of charm while effectively creating a sense of suspense. As you delve deeper into the game, you'll encounter unsettling twists and turns, questioning everything you thought you knew about your "neighbors."


How to play That's Not My Neighbor free

Play That's Not My Neighbor online

Currently available as a free online version at, the game has already garnered a significant following. Players are praising its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and chilling atmosphere. With its blend of humor, horror, and detective work, That's Not My Neighbor Online Game is a must-try for anyone looking for a fresh and unsettling gaming experience.

Game objects


In That's Not My Neighbor free the term "neighbor" takes on a slightly deceptive meaning. While you do interact with various tenants residing in the apartment building, these individuals are not necessarily who they seem.

The core gameplay revolves around identifying and stopping doppelgangers who attempt to impersonate the real tenants and gain entry into the building. These doppelgangers can perfectly mimic the appearance and mannerisms of the actual residents, making it incredibly difficult to distinguish them.

Therefore, while you encounter characters presented as "neighbors," their true identities are constantly under suspicion throughout the game. This ambiguity adds to the suspenseful atmosphere, as you must carefully scrutinize every detail to uncover the imposters.

Doppelgängers in That's Not My Neighbor Game

The Shifty Doppelgängers: These shape-shifting entities will try their best to mimic their targets, but their perfect disguise often falters under close scrutiny. Be on the lookout for subtle inconsistencies in their appearance, behavior, and responses.

Here's a breakdown of the key points about doppelgangers:

  • Appearance: They look exactly like the person they are impersonating.
  • Origin: Not related to the person they mimic.
  • Nature: In "That's Not My Neighbor," they are portrayed as creatures, not supernatural beings.
  • Function: In the game, they try to enter the apartment building while disguised as real tenants.


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