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Silver Thread Deux: Adventure through time and space

Silver Thread Deux is a stunning adventure that takes players on a journey through time and space. Continuing the story of protagonist Akio, the game offers a mystical world where players will explore many unique environments and face creative physics challenges.

Challenging and rewarding adventure:

In Silver Thread Deux, players will control Akio through diverse environments, using his silver thread to swing ropes, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. Physics-based gameplay offers unique and challenging experiences, while also opening up opportunities for creativity and strategy.

A fascinating and surprising story:

With a rich and multidimensional storyline, Silver Thread Deux is not only an adventure but also a journey of discovery about history and the forces that threaten the world. Akio will meet a unique cast of characters and face difficult decisions, all in an effort to save the world from the depths of destruction.

Great music and graphics:

With a combination of electronic music and orchestra, Silver Thread Deux creates a special atmosphere, bringing players into a world of mystery and romance. Exquisite and detailed graphics also bring an engaging and vivid experience to players.

Overall rating:

Silver Thread Deux is not just an ordinary puzzle adventure game, but also a fascinating work of art. With diverse gameplay, engaging story and great music, this game is sure to please fans of the genre. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the mysterious world of Silver Thread Deux!

So far, Silver Thread Deux has received praise for its innovative gameplay and engaging story. Despite some negative reviews from some critics, overall, Silver Thread Deux is still a game worth experiencing.

If you are an adventure lover and want to challenge yourself in a new and mysterious world, download Silver Thread Deux and start your journey today!


Up, down, left, right – Movement
X – Menu
Shift – Dash
Z/Space – Action Button

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