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Welcome to the mysterious world of Nelly, where you embark on an adventure alongside a lonely girl trapped in a cursed forest. Developed by Enigma Studios, this platformer game offers a compelling mix of exploration, challenges, and magical spells.

Introduction to Nelly

In Nelly, players delve into the life of a young girl named Nelly, who resides in a dark and foreboding forest. Her world is devoid of joy and light, overshadowed by haunting shadows and dangerous traps. Your task is to guide Nelly through this eerie landscape, helping her overcome obstacles and discover the secrets hidden within.

Gameplay Rules

Your journey begins with basic controls:

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate Nelly through the forest.
  • Jump over hills and obstacles to progress through each level.
  • Unlock spells using the A or S keys once you've learned them to aid Nelly in her quest.

Each level presents unique challenges, from deadly traps like sharp spikes to intricate puzzles that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The goal is simple yet challenging: guide Nelly safely to the end of each level, avoiding hazards that could slow her down or end her journey.

How to Play

  1. Navigation: Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move Nelly through the forest terrain.

  2. Jumping: Press the spacebar to jump over obstacles and gaps. Timing is crucial to avoid falling into traps or missing crucial platforms.

  3. Spellcasting: Once unlocked, use the A key for offensive spells and the S key for defensive spells. These abilities will help Nelly navigate tricky situations and defeat adversaries along the way.

  4. Interacting with Objects: Use the mouse to interact with various objects scattered throughout the game. Some objects may hold clues or provide essential items to progress.


Use the mouse.

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