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Get ready to purr with fear! Kitty Kart 64 takes the classic kart racing formula for a terrifying spin. Race adorable cats on spooky tracks filled with dangers and unsettling mysteries. Inspired by Mario Kart, this retro-styled horror game delivers thrills and chills for gamers who crave something unique.

Calling all kart racing enthusiasts and horror fans! Brace yourselves for a hair-raising experience unlike any other. Kitty Kart 64 throws you behind the wheel (or paw?) of an adorable kitty racer on a thrilling – and terrifying – journey through haunted tracks.

This unique homage to Mario Kart infuses the beloved racing genre with a chilling atmosphere. Prepare to navigate spooky environments brimming with danger and unsettling mysteries. But don't let the cute exteriors fool you – Kitty Kart 64 will send shivers down your spine as you race for victory.

Why you'll love Kitty Kart 64?

Kart Racing with a Horror Twist: Experience the classic thrills of kart racing with a healthy dose of creepy chills.
Adorable Yet Spooky Aesthetics: Race as perfectly adorable kitties on hauntingly beautiful tracks.
Unravel the Mystery: Uncover the unsettling secrets lurking beneath the surface of Kitty Kart 64.
Retro-Styled Horror: Enjoy a nostalgic nod to the N64 era with a unique horror twist.

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