About Impostor Warline 456 Survival

Impostor Warline 456 Survival is a multiplayer online game where each player takes on the role of a crew member aboard a spaceship. However, there are impostors among the crew whose aim is to eliminate all other members. The goal of the players is to identify and eliminate the impostors before they wipe out the entire crew.

Gameplay Guide

  • Crewmates' Objective: Crewmates must work together to complete tasks aboard the ship while being wary of impostors. They can vote to eject suspected individuals and attempt to eliminate impostors.
  • Impostors' Objective: Impostors must fake tasks and eliminate Crewmates carefully without being detected. They can create chaos by causing sabotages aboard the ship.


  • Cooperation and Communication: Cooperation and communication are key for Crewmates to identify impostors. Discuss information, observe others' behavior, and look for suspicious signs.
  • Observation and Deception: Impostors need to deceive intelligently and avoid detection. They should observe and seize opportunities to eliminate Crewmates without revealing their secrets.

Gameplay Tips

  • Subtle Deception: Impostors should fake tasks in a natural and logical manner, avoiding overly suspicious actions.
  • Use of Map: Utilize the map to track everyone's location and devise strategic plans.
  • Listen and React: Crewmates need to listen carefully and react quickly to any emergencies to protect themselves and the team.

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