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A Death Note Type Game is inspired by the popular manga and anime series "Death Note" created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. In this game, players take on the role of a character with a supernatural notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. The game revolves around strategy, deduction, and the moral implications of wielding such power.

Gameplay Overview


The main objective of the game is to eliminate specific targets while avoiding detection by other players or authorities. Players must strategically use the Death Note to achieve their goals without revealing their identity or falling victim to other players' actions.

Core Mechanics

  • Writing Names: Players can write the names of their targets in the Death Note, specifying the time and cause of death.
  • Consequences: Each action has consequences, affecting the game's outcome and the player's reputation.
  • Investigation: Players may investigate other characters to gather information and deduce their identities.
  • Hide Identity: Players must conceal their identity while attempting to uncover the identities of others.

Gameplay Phases

  1. Planning Phase: Players strategize and plan their actions, deciding whom to target and how to avoid suspicion.
  2. Execution Phase: Players take action by writing names in the Death Note or performing other tasks to achieve their objectives.
  3. Investigation Phase: Players gather information, investigate suspicions, and try to uncover the identities of other players.
  4. Revelation Phase: Players reveal their actions and identities, leading to consequences and further gameplay.

Win Conditions

  • Survival: Players win by surviving until the end of the game without being exposed or eliminated.
  • Elimination: Players can also win by successfully eliminating all their targets without being caught.

Lose Conditions

  • Exposure: If a player's identity is revealed or they are caught using the Death Note, they may lose the game.
  • Elimination: Players who fail to achieve their objectives or are eliminated by others lose the game.

Setting and Characters


The game is set in a modern urban environment, resembling the world of "Death Note." Players navigate through various locations, including cities, schools, and workplaces, to carry out their actions.


  • Protagonist: Players take on the role of a protagonist with access to the Death Note.
  • Targets: NPCs or other players serve as targets for elimination, each with their own background and motivations.
  • Investigators: NPCs or players may act as investigators, seeking to uncover the identities of those using the Death Note.

Moral Dilemmas and Choices

Ethical Decisions

Players must grapple with ethical dilemmas, such as the morality of taking lives and the consequences of their actions on the game world.

Strategic Choices

Players must make strategic decisions, weighing the risks and rewards of each action and considering the potential consequences for themselves and other players.


A Death Note Type Game offers an immersive and thought-provoking experience, combining elements of strategy, deduction, and morality. Players must navigate a complex web of relationships and decisions, balancing their objectives with the ever-present threat of exposure and retribution. Whether playing as the mastermind behind the Death Note or as a cunning investigator, each player's choices shape the outcome of the game and the fate of its characters.

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