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A House for Alesa 3 continues the thrilling saga, taking players on a new adventure one year after the events of its predecessor. Alesa and Greta have moved from the city to a quaint rural town, hoping for a fresh start. However, they soon discover that something sinister lurks beneath the town's peaceful exterior. Prepare for the worst nightmare imaginable as you dive into this immersive horror experience.


Following their escape from past horrors, Alesa and Greta settle into a seemingly idyllic small town. But their hopes for a tranquil life are shattered as they uncover dark secrets and face terrifying new challenges. The nightmare they thought they had left behind is about to begin anew.


  1. Voice Acting: Enjoy fully voiced characters that bring the story to life, adding depth and immersion to the narrative.

  2. Customizable Outfits: Find and unlock 10 different outfits for Alesa, which can be used anywhere in the game to personalize your experience.

  3. Boss Battles: Engage in six intense boss battles that test your skills and strategy.

  4. Multiple Endings: Discover 12 different endings, with only one true canon ending that includes a post-credits scene for a complete storyline.

  5. Improved Graphics and Gameplay: Experience enhanced visuals and refined gameplay mechanics that make for a smoother and more visually appealing adventure.

  6. Enhanced Jiggle Physics: Enjoy improved character animations with enhanced physics for added realism.

  7. Ghostly Pets: Encounter ghostly pets that add a unique element to the gameplay and story.

  8. Horror and Humor: The game balances spine-chilling horror with moments of humor to provide a well-rounded experience.

  9. Death Animations: Over 25 unique death animations keep the tension high and the stakes real.

  10. Puzzles: Solve engaging puzzles that are challenging yet fair, adding to the game's depth without causing frustration.

  11. Cave Waifu: Meet the mysterious "cave waifu," a unique character who adds intrigue and depth to the story.

  12. Unique Soundtrack: Enjoy an original soundtrack by A. V. Dossow, including an intro song featuring the talented Norwegian artist Benedicte BG “Baelien.”

A House for Alesa 3 offers a compelling blend of horror, humor, and engaging gameplay. With its rich storyline, diverse features, and improved mechanics, this third installment promises an unforgettable experience for fans of the series. Are you ready to uncover the dark secrets of the rural town and survive the nightmare that awaits? Dive into A House for Alesa 3 and prepare for a journey filled with fear, mystery, and unexpected twists.


Use the mouse.

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