About The House

The House is an engaging horror game recently added to our collection of thrilling games. With its distinctive point-and-click adventure style, this game promises to deliver a vivid experience filled with terrifying moments and encounters with supernatural phenomena.


Explore Mysterious Rooms: Step into the dark world of The House, where each room holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. From mysterious paintings on the walls to unsettling supernatural activities, navigate through eerie rooms and unravel the truth behind these eerie occurrences.

Discover Each Haunted Room:

Embark on a journey through:

The Dining Room
The Bathroom
The Kitchen
The Living Room
The Corridor
Each room presents unique challenges and hidden puzzles. Use your intelligence and observational skills to interact with objects and find solutions to the mysteries the game presents.

Confront Your Fears:

Be prepared for chilling moments and unexpected encounters as you click your way through interactive elements using the mouse. Explore creepy artifacts and avoid being surprised by supernatural entities lurking in the shadows.


Use the mouse.

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