About Red Hands - 2 Player Game

Step into the arena and prepare for a battle of wits and agility in Red Hands - 2 Player Game. Whether you're challenging a friend or facing off against the computer, this game promises hours of entertainment as you relive the joy of the classic hand-slap game in digital form. Are you quick enough to emerge victorious, or will you be left with red hands and bruised pride?

How to Play

  1. Choose Your Opponent: Select your opponent from a friend or the computer and prepare for a showdown of epic proportions.

  2. Engage in Hand-Slapping Duels: Face off against your opponent in fast-paced hand-slapping duels. React quickly to their movements and swipe at the right moment to avoid getting slapped and inflict pain on your opponent.

  3. Test Your Speed and Reflexes: The key to victory lies in your speed and reflexes. Stay focused, anticipate your opponent's moves, and strike with precision to claim victory.

  4. Avoid Getting Slapped: Keep a close eye on your opponent's hands and be ready to dodge their attacks. A wrong move could leave you with red hands and a loss on your record.

  5. Enjoy the Thrills of Victory: With each successful slap, revel in the thrill of victory as you assert your dominance over your opponent. Will you emerge as the ultimate hand-slapping champion, or will you be left nursing sore palms and wounded pride?


Use the mouse.

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