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Pizza Tower just got a whole lot louder! The highly anticipated Noise Update has arrived, bringing a fresh perspective and a chaotic new way to experience the game. This isn't your typical update; it's a complete transformation!

Introducing The Noise: A Gremlin with a Twist

Say hello to The Noise, a mischievous yellow gremlin who throws the game into a frenzy. Playing as The Noise is akin to a pseudo-New Game+, offering a completely new way to conquer the towering levels of Pizza Tower. Forget what you thought you knew – The Noise throws familiar levels into disarray, demanding new strategies and challenging your mastery of the game.

Mayhem and Merriment: A Hilarious Reimagining

The Noise Update isn't just about difficulty – it's about laughs! Experience Pizza Tower through The Noise's chaotic lens, where humor and challenge collide to create a side-splitting adventure. This update throws traditional patch notes out the window, opting for surprise and discovery. Prepare to be constantly surprised by unexpected changes and delightful twists!

A Word to the Modders: Clean Up for a Smooth Ride

If you've ventured into the world of Pizza Tower mods, the Noise Update might cause a bit of a stir. To ensure a smooth, crash-free experience with The Noise, it's recommended to clean up your installation folder and verify your game files through the Steam properties menu.

A Commitment to Delicious Fun

The Noise Update exemplifies Pizza Tower's dedication to keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. This update is a love letter to both newcomers and veterans, inviting everyone to jump into the chaos and revel in the hilarious new adventures with The Noise. So, grab your appetite for destruction and prepare to be surprised – The Noise awaits!


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