About Online Strike Assault

Online Strike Assault is a dynamic multiplayer shooter developed by Vanguard Studios, released in 2022 for PC and consoles. It offers fast-paced battles, strategic gameplay, and a thriving player community.


Players engage in intense combat across diverse battlegrounds, customizing loadouts and coordinating with teammates for victory.

Key Features:

  • Varied Modes: Classic and objective-based modes cater to different playstyles.
  • Customization: Players can personalize loadouts with weapons and gear.
  • Teamplay: Strategic coordination is crucial for success.
  • Dynamic Maps: Each map offers unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Progression: Players unlock new content as they level up.

Graphics and Sound:

Immersive visuals and sound effects enhance the intense atmosphere of battle.

Community and Esports:

Active community involvement with tournaments and support for competitive play.

Developer Insights:

Inspired by classic shooters, Vanguard Studios strives for innovation and community engagement through regular updates.

Online Strike Assault delivers action-packed gameplay and community-driven excitement, making it a must-play for shooter enthusiasts.


Using mouse

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