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Prepare for a chilling journey into the unknown with Last Train Home, a short yet spine-tingling adventure game that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In this atmospheric thriller, you find yourself trapped on a mysterious train hurtling through the darkness, with no memory of how you got there or where the train is headed. As you search for answers, you'll uncover dark secrets and encounter terrifying entities that will test your courage and resolve.

How To Play:

Navigate through the eerie train and unravel its mysteries using simple controls:

  • Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys to move your character through the train's compartments and corridors.
  • X Key: Press the X key to interact with objects and elements in the environment, uncovering clues and progressing through the story.

As you explore the train, be on the lookout for clues and hidden messages that may shed light on your predicament. But beware: the train is not as deserted as it seems, and you may encounter dangers lurking in the shadows.


  • Atmospheric setting: Immerse yourself in the haunting atmosphere of the abandoned train, with eerie visuals and sound design that heighten the sense of unease.
  • Intriguing storyline: Unravel the mystery of the Last Train Home as you uncover clues and piece together the truth behind your predicament.
  • Challenging puzzles: Test your wits with a variety of puzzles and challenges scattered throughout the train, each more perplexing than the last.
  • Tense encounters: Encounter mysterious entities and face chilling moments of suspense as you delve deeper into the train's dark secrets.
  • Multiple endings: Your choices and actions throughout the game will influence the outcome, leading to different possible endings.

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the unknown with Last Train Home? Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling adventure that will keep you guessing until the very end. Good luck, and may you find your way back home... if you can.

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